Defending individuals in resolving removal and deportation problems

We are thoroughly familiar with the removal process and knows how to find ways to steer cases away from removal or find effective defenses to removal once deportation is under way.

We can’t guarantee success in your case, but can help you find the most promising approach toward avoiding removal based on the specific facts of your immigration status and grounds for deportation. At the very least, she will provide honest advice on your options and even if there is no solution, she will let you know.

Our law firm advises clients faced with the potential of removal on any of the following grounds:

  • Expired tourist, student or employment visa
  • Failure to meet a deadline for a visa application or renewal
  • Unlawful entry or re-entry
  • Criminal arrest or conviction in the United States while here on a visa or illegally
  • Criminal arrest or conviction while visiting the country of origin after obtaining temporary or permanent residence in the U.S.
  • Violation of immigration status

We handles numerous cases regularly at the New York office and is familiar with their procedures. If it appears that deportation proceedings can’t be avoided, she’ll work hard to find grounds to support your continued residence in the U.S., or at least attempt to protect your right to apply for re-entry at a later date.

The key to protecting your residence is ensuring that you don’t violate our criminal or immigration laws. Once you obtain your residency, you can lose it easily. We will discuss this while going through the process of obtaining your status as well as ensuring that you obtain it properly as not to compromise your status in the future.