Good News for Shluchim with Green Card

A fast road to American Citizenship

If you are a Shluchim Couple (where one spouse has a green card and the other spouse is American) then you are in a great situation!  Why? Because immigration laws in America allow the green card holder, who is considered a missionary, to get citizenship within a few months rather than waiting between 3 to 5 years, which is the normal period of time that needs to pass in order to become an American.

Benefits of Fast US Citizenship:

      • We have years of experience in this specialized area of law which saves you time and money!
      • Now you can avoid the need to constantly fly back to the US in order to keep your green card!
      • Now you can avoid having US Officials at American airports taking away your green card because you have been outside of the US for many months.
      • Why not become a Citizen right after your interview!!!


      • Probably none….but we will review your specific situation and answer all your questions.


It’s a quick process!

      • The whole process is likely to occur within 4 to 6 months.  That covers between the time we send in your forms and when your interview takes place (you will be naturalized right after your interview so you can order your US Passport on the same day!)
      • We will send you study materials to prepare for your citizenship test.

We provide friendly and quick service!

      • Preparation of all forms and assistance with gathering supporting documentation
      • We accompany you to your interview at 26 Federal Plaza (USCIS, New York)
      • The $1,800 cost is payable by all major credit cards (does not include government fee)



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