Spouse Visas

Immigration Lawyers Helping Bring a Fiancé, Spouse, Child or Relative to the U.S.

If you need advice about the best ways to obtain a visa or change their status for a member of your family, the Law Office of Adam Sanders in New York City is here to help you. We help a United States citizens and lawful permanent residents overcome obstacles to gain entry for fiancés and family members or permit them to remain

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Our law firm advises and represents clients who need assistance with family immigration visas for: Fiancé , Spouses, Parents, Children, Other relatives

We can show you how waiting lists or entry quotas can affect your interest in reuniting your family in the U.S. and then look for alternative ways to obtain the right spouse, family, or fiancé visa.

The particular visa you need depends on the family relationship and what would be the best option for bringing your loved one here. If you are engaged, we can discuss options for a K-1 visa (fiancé visa) for your fiancé or other strategies to help your loved one enter the U.S., such as a marriage in your home country.

We also advise families whose entry goals are complicated by an adverse immigration action in the past — denial of entry based on criminal history, previous immigration violations such as visa overstays, fraud or public charge issues. In some cases, we can achieve your objectives through a motion to reopen or by the appeal of a recent unfavorable action.